Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Don't Understand Men...and the Choices Some Make So I Have Questions

These are just some questions that I have.  I would truly appreciate an answer.

1.  If you're "happy" with your relationship, why would you make a choice that would make your girl unhappy?

2.  Is it too much to say how you feel?

3.  If you appreciate who you're with, why not show it?

4.  If you feel like you could do so much better, why not stop talking about it and be about it?

5.  If you're in a relationship, why cheat?

6.  Why lie? even about small stuff?

7.  Omitting the truth is lying, no?

8.  Is commitment that scary?

9.  Are you intimidated by intellect?

That's all for now, but I know my list will grow.

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