Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dear Future Husband

I saw Angela Simmons write a similar letter on her blog and I just knew I needed to write one too.  I just have some things to say.

Dear Future Husband,

I'm tough, but just on the outside.  I'm really fragile and I break easily so handle with caution.  Just know that I want to love.  I want to love deeply and recklessly.  My intentions are pure, but I am plagued by the ghosts of love past that have warped and distorted my ability to love.  I carry with me all the hurt and pain from my past that I'm working so hard to let go, but I am a work in progress.  Somewhere along the way I lost the ability to trust.  To hope.  To believe.  and I know this won't help us on our journey, but I need you to help me overcome for us.  We are meant to be and no lie or half-truth of my past will break up that which God has ordained.

I know that love endures all things, so with it between us we will be just fine.  I know that you will love me completely and holistically, unlike those in my past who have loved with their minds for the prize of my body.  We won't be together because it's the easy thing to do we will stay together because of the emotion we both get whenever our eyes meet.  We won't become complacent, but we will always acknowledge and appreciate our love for one another.  There is nothing we can't do.  I believe in us.  I know it won't be a fairy tale but I also know that what we will feel for one another will never be replaced.

You are the only one who understands me. You send me flowers just because it's Tuesday.  You know me better than I know myself.  You see through all my games, facades, and inconsistencies.  You see my potential.  You know what I have the ability to do and who I have the ability to be and you are willing to work to make sure I become this person.  You love me with every fiber of your being, and I, you.  You love me through my hurt, pain, and circumstance.  You are compassionate and understanding.  You are patient.  Your love heals all wounds.    Everything I lack you have and everything you lack I have.  We're a perfect pair.

You put me first.  Well actually I come second only to God.  No one else is as important as our union.  You are faithful and always honest.  You tell me what you think, what you feel, and what I need to hear even if it might not be the easiest for me to confront.  You feel incomplete without me and I feel the same about you.  I want the best for you no matter what.  You have my unwavering support and die hard admiration.  I will love you always and forever.  Whoever you are...



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  1. I wrote something similar in what I call "my doodle book" a while back. I love this. Thanks for sharing!