Monday, October 29, 2012

What Women Want

When I was younger I used to blog a lot about relationships.  To be honest...I didn't know shit about a relationship.  As a teenager I had this fantasy in my head that everything would work out perfectly.   Boy meets girl.  Boy really likes her.  Ya'll know the rest.  Now that I have a few years at this under my belt I think I can sum up what women want.  A lot of women can't give name to it because they are immature or are so focused on the other meaningless things--money, status, what other people think-- that negate the true desire.  The thing that would fundamentally change the course of a romantic relationship.

Women want to be VALUED.

They want to know that you know that they bring something special to the table.  They want to know that they are different from everyone else.  And while she may know...she NEEDS to hear it from you.  Feeling devalued is an attack on one's self-worth and importance and no matter how confident, independent, and self-sufficient she may be she still wants to know the value she brings to YOU.  Why does she matter? Why her and not anyone else?  If she's fly, she probably already knows that no one else compares but she wants to know that you see this too.  You are not telling her something she does no know, you are just confirming the fact that you both already know to be true.

By design, women are ride-or-die creatures.  We want to stick with you and we are no stranger to challenges or adversity, but its difficult to remain strong and confident through it all, especially in our world of twitter hoes and instagram porn stars who look like Rosa Acosta, work a pole like Maliah, and are trying to bag via direct message.

So validate her.  Make her feel as wanted and as important you think she is.  Even thought she may know it already, it makes all the difference in the world to hear it from you.  Don't get tired of letting her know.
You may feel redundant or repetitive, but don't ever let her forget you see her worth and don't ever let her doubt that you believe she stands out from all the ratchets out there.  It can never to hurt to make it clear to your girl that you appreciate and desire what she is and what she brings. If you can't or if you chose not to, I promise someone else will, gladly.  It does not seem like much, but it truly makes all the difference.

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