Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Basically Me

Just a few things I love:

God. family. JWM. life. breathing. smiles. laughter. fresh sneakers. good movies. sunglasses. traveling. crosses. perfume. Vogue. Kimora Lee. fabulosity. leopard print. pictures. Audrey Hepburn. well-written books. pretty dresses. peppermint and green tea. Temple Football. scented candles. kate spade. positivity. fashion. pillows. Coco Chanel. Starbucks. tattoos. honest. flur-de-lis. Marc by Marc. spontaneity. big risks. big rewards. refinement. 1st impressions. 2nd chances. life discussions. change. growth. progress. self-evaluation. high heels. the good life. realness. Angela Simmons. Nike Dunks. Hello Kitty. The Cardinals. hippie headbands. MAC. Viva La Juicy. love. And the list goes on...

    Sometimes we all need to profess our loves.  It reminds us of true happiness, passion, and it gets to the core of who we REALLY are.

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